The Install

How do we thank you enough?

For doing a job which could have been rough

You came into our home, heavy tool box in hand

With the skill and confidence of a one man band

You went straight to work sorting through each bolt and screw

And offered to do what we had planned ourselves to do

You didn’t just save us hours and hours of work

You kept us from wrecking the bed and going berserk

In fact, you probably added months to our life

As the stress of our marriage would have led to strife

Not that we wouldn’t have eventually figured it out

But one of us would have surely made the other pout

So instead of pointing the finger, asking what have we missed?

While reviewing lengthy instructions and consulting the list

We had time to reflect on your kindness, and rest

Knowing we were in the hands of one of the best

It’s a comfort to know that our guests will sleep with ease

As a result of your professionalism and desire to please

It should also be said that your great attention to detail

Is the part that stays with a customer long after the sale

We’ll make sure to follow this up with an awesome review

As an expression of gratitude for all that you do

So thank you again from the bottom of my heard

For proving that installing a Murphy bed is a true work of art!

My husband and I are super satisfied with the wall bed which we recently purchased through Island Murphy Beds, and were convinced, after our extensive research into similar products, that it offered great value for our money. The best part of our Murphy bed was the expert installation by Joe. I don’t know what we were thinking when we initially contemplated doing this ourselves. Trust me. It’s worth every penny to have Joe deliver the bed to your home and assemble it right. He did an excellent job and we were very impressed with his attention to detail. He was friendly and courteous and made sure that everything was working smoothly, taking the time to answer any questions we had. The end result is that the bed is everything we hoped it would be. It’s a true delight, and a breeze to pull down and put back up on the wall. Our sheets and duvet or comforter can stay conveniently in place on the mattress, meaning easier storage. This is a huge improvement over our cumbersome and heavy pull out couch. So with all being said, we are very pleased with our Murphy bed and the awesome job Joe did installing it.