“Your Office system in cherry veneer fit nicely in our small guest room. We liked the fact that we got the bed built, delivered and installed in 4 weeks.”

– B.M.

“It was well worth it to have you ship us the cherry wood veneer model. The bed cabinet and the mechanism and frame were easy to assemble and install. The shipping costs were not as high as we expected.”

– A. A. –

“We were thinking of spending alot of money on renovating our workshop in the basement but chose instead to get your panel bed installed in our home office. This probably saved us many thousands of dollars.”

– M.S. –

“By putting in the Raised, embossed ash white bed system, my sewing room has become our guest bedroom as well. And they are also in a comfortable bed as well.

– M.R. –

“Thanks for the great service. We replaced our old hide-a-bed with your bi-fold model and love it. Now our room has two purposes with the bed out of the way.”

– D.D.

“The Panel Bed without the bi-fold doors was the right system for our double wide trailer as we didn”t have much space.”

– R.P.

“We chose your Panel Bed with the closet system. It killed two birds with one stone.”

– M.S.

“My computer room was a disaster. By adding the library bed system I was able to store my books, CD”s and dress the shelves up with some family photos, etc. We only had 2 inches to spare, but thanks to the installers James, Gary and Joe, it found a place against the wall. Also, in order to make sure that the edge of the bed system at the left side didn”t block the entrance to our closet, they happily changed our closet door from a bi-fold to a sliding mirror door.”

– N.T. –

“Good morning to you and your staff and I hope you are having a great day. I wish to thankyou for the super job of completing the wonderful Murphy bed you have added to our home. Weare both very pleased and will certainly recommend your business to our friends and acquaintances. Take care and have a great day.”

– C.&E. M. –

“We needed a way to store our books at the same time be able to have a stowaway bed for our guests. Your Book Shelf Murphy Bed fit the bill. We now have 11 feet of book shelves with a Murphy Bed stowed inside/behind the middle shelves.”

– E.I. –