Who buys Murphy Beds?

99% of our customers purchase a Murphy Bed because they have a guest bed that gets little to no use. This can sometimes make a room unusable for other activities. What could you do with that extra space?

How do your products compare to other Murphy Beds on the market?

We focus on selling locally hand-made, all wood Murphy Beds using no particle board or melamine.  Murphy Beds made of wood hold up better should you ever move or re-assemble your Murphy Bed in another room.  (If you ever do move or sell your Murphy Bed, please call us for instructions)

What type of Mechanism do you use?

We use a spring-loaded Mechanism that includes a powder-coated, solid structural steel frame designed to exceed International ISO 9002 Standards that will last thousands of cycles over the lifetime of the bed.  Our Mechanism comes with a Lifetime Warranty backed by both us and our supplier who has been in the business since 1980.  Included in the construction are three solid steel, horizontally-placed cross bars for added strength and support.

What is an Authentic Murphy Bed?

The name “Murphy Bed” came from the original manufacturer of Fold Up Beds out of New York City.  The term “Murphy Bed” is in public domain and is used by many suppliers who have NO ASSOCIATION with the original company – this is what causes so much confusion.

Wall Beds and Murphy Beds are essentially the same thing – a generic term used to describe a type of mechanism that folds a bed into a cabinet or wall. There are simply a variety of manufacturers who use different types and solutions.

If you are looking for an Authentic Murphy Bed, it does not exist. There are, however, strong mechanisms and frames sold by different retailers all over the world. We stand by ours, which is designed to International ISO 9002 Standards.

How thick can the mattress be?

We recommend a mattress no thicker than 10-12” – this ensures room for sheets or comforter.